Wednesday, January 31, 2007

dont forget the documentary aisle


have i told you i like documentaries? oh, probably a lot of times. well, this one is about a band called the dandy warhols, a band i have seen advertised for years and years, playing all over the place and never knew what they were all about. let's just say i probably missed more than a dozen opportunities to see them...bummer! once i saw this movie and heard their music, i really became a fan. i love the dandy warhols! they are the perfect mix of modern and retro music, hopefully they can keep from overdosing long enough for me to see them live.

lovely things to find while sorting


hint: click on the photo to bring it up larger. :)

sunny california

getting off to school after being up all night with a sick kid....blah!Img_0969



Monday, January 29, 2007

good morning!

it's lunch making time. check out this snazzy lunch box. gotta get one of these.



you can find it here.

here is another nice lunch box, bento style:


more stuff






here are some recent finds (awesome quilt top,a sheet set, fabric and scraps)...i actually found some more children's books today at another little teeny thrift store near one of my accounts...a place that is rarely open, a real hole in the wall (the best kind of thrift shop). i also got an owl figurine, it's "interesting," will have to post about it another time...too late now and i hate these night/flash photos.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

good karma

i went to drop off three bags of clothes and toys to our local salvation army, a favorite hang out of mine....somebody was dropping off some stuff and of course my eye caught this: i just had to ask if i could have it! i even said i would give a donation but neither the attendant or the donating lady wanted anything. she seemed surprised i liked it and said it was given to her as a child in the sixties...totally retro! it's metal and even has cool hang ten fuzzy stickers on top.Img_0861

documentary queen


a great movie about a father and son who travel the world together interviewing other fathers and sons.


"one year off" was the first book i read about a family traveling the world with their kids, i read it twice. it is a fascinating thing, to travel the world together. i think the experience would be challenging and who could really afford it? i don't know, but i really love the idea.

12,000 miles is one of a dozen books i have read or am currently reading about traveling the world with your kids. (this book is especially funny because the author makes fun of another family who traveled the world at the same time: the perfect "wilson family". i think i found this wilson family on line and they are amazingly "perfect"). i just started monkey dancing and have give me the world ready to read next, line them up!

birthday parties


lizzie loves grandmas! she will go with anyone's grandma anywhere anytime. at this birthday party she wouldn't join any activities, she just sat politely next to this grandma and jibber jabbered with her all day.


i had to wrestle her to the car to get her full attention, not sure if i can break the lollipop/soda haze.


you can bet she slept all the way home.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

candy sales

we had a blast selling candy today, it is great to see the girls supporting something they believe in. at first i didn't know what to think about the whole candy sales part of camp fire. but i realize now, it is about getting the girls out into the community and talking to people about all the activities they do. so many people have no idea what camp fire is about and about just as many were bluebirds or involved in camp fire when they were kids. i can't tell you how many people came smiling over to buy some candy and tell us they were in camp fire as a kid or their own kid was a bluebird. i saw some of my shy girls really come out of their shell and my strong girls show love and support to their fellow group members. the neatest thing was how all the moms are bonding, we talked and laughed as our girls rallied in the customers. it was so fun and so addicting! i am personally out of candy, in just one week of selling. so many friends and family members have supported this little group, just another wonderful experience to add to the list. i wasn't even aware that our group will get a small amount of money for every box sold. when i started calculating i found we will have a really good chunk of money coming! my mind is working overtime on all the charities we can donate to and how we can make the money work for our group to do some fun field trips. time to get some more candy to sell...we still have a few more neighborhoods to tackle...maybe it will be yours!


empty boxes, ready to store my "stuff"


boxes getting packed for colorado, north carolina and maryland. get ready for candy!

the calm before the storm


it's only a matter of time...


before a fight breaks out over a toy. but for now, i cherish this sweet moment while i have it.

sometimes you get lucky

some books i found when i stumbled on a thrift store i haven't been to since i was in high school (a really long time ago!) i was waiting for emily's ballet class to finish and little liz wanted to join the class, had to give her something fun to do. THRIFT STORE!!

there is a book in french, someone's little golden book collection...some scholastic photo books (those are really neat) and this great elf/gnome/nature type book, plus several more. score!




when i happily returned to her ballet class the teacher politely asked me why emily was taking a make up class with the five year olds, HER class was an hour later (of course no one mentioned this when i dropped her off). OOOOPS! no matter how organized i think i am, this stuff is just bound to happen. at least emily didn't seem to mind.

artful arrangements






earthquake packed dishes


Friday, January 26, 2007

just one "quick" add on

well let's just say my last patient of the day was anything but quick. yikes! that's the world of vascular ultrasound. no quick and easy exams at a vascular surgeons office.


most people can see the nice profile of a baby on ultrasound, but here is the "charlie brown" profile i really like. when the baby is opening and closing its mouth, this baby was actually sticking it's tongue out.


he's watching you.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

what makes it all worth it






the other day chris mentioned that our nightly routine of bedjumping, dancing and horseplay makes up for every little whine, tantrum and argument we go through on a typical day with kids. we really let off steam at night, i am sure our neighbors wonder what's going on over here! so this post is for you chris, you heavy metal mixed with pop music daddy.