Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Neighbor Festival (sneak peek Matt's wedding)


I never knew who my local council member was (or even WHAT a local city council member was) until i got involved with saving the wetlands and let me tell you. we have a wonderful representative in our district, she gets some flack of course, but she is spot on for what we need in this neighborhood. she is all for saving ALL of the wetlands, she is pro solar power (she organized a solar power group that tours houses with solar power units) she is pro camp fire (my girls sent her letters and she invited us to start the "duck patrol" as part of the lakes, ponds and wetlands taskforce she created) and finally, she started a "good neighbor festival" that promotes local organizations to get together and have fun. we have come every year since it started and for the last two years i have hosted a table for the wetlands and camp fire.


i got a lot of camp fire alumni with those ceremonial gowns!



always clowning around




(i like these squishy photos from the phone!!)
and then sunday was matts wedding... here is a peek and more to follow on that BIG event!


someone didnt get a nap...


more photos later! happy thursday!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

coastal clean up

today was spent cleaning up our local wetlands... first at the colorado lagoon and then at the official Los Cerritos Wetlands grand opening so to speak! there is a small portion of the wetlands called "Zedler Marsh" that has been cleaned up for four years now, it is a small piece of the Los Cerritos Wetlands parcel but the public has not been allowed to participate fully. today we opened the gates, drove in and treaded lightly around a tiny portion of functioning wetlands in the heart of a bustling city... neighbors working together to begin the restoration of something so lovely... so fantastic... so worth saving.


liz is infatuated by the boys who run the events, she is some kind of mascot now, terribly sweet.










after all that, we went to the beauty salon




getting ready for my brothers wedding next weekend... almost ready. tomorrow is another run, another beach clean up and some sewing projects... i hope to post the results here if i can get organized enough. thank goodness i am off monday, need it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

camp fire

camp fire will soon be in session and planning is under way big time (i have a new group starting in october for lizzie). i was happy to be interviewed about my camp fire group on nonchalant mom (someday i will have to post about how i found out nonchalant "dad" is a high school friend of mine! long and very cool story) anyways, please check out the interview and leave a nice comment if you can... hint hint. i am knee deep in planning our camp fire year out and i officially signed on for a position on a newly organized group that will be restoring the tiny bit of los cerritos wetlands available for restoration, so excited!!! lots going on, sewing, crafting, organizing and still training for a half marathon just weeks away, eek! i will try to keep you posted as i make my way through all this chaos.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

last day of summer

someone or something is "pooping" in this picture! naughty girl!
off to the park with the most insane parents yet (uptight!!)
first day of school tomorrow, man that was one fast summer!

Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day weekend

so we just hung out at the cabin, got some camp fire business handled and went on a field trip to the santa's village museum in lake arrowhead. i never went to santa's village unfortunately, chris went a few times, so lucky! so jealous! anyways, there is a small museum in arrowhead and the girls were there taking pictures with santa (emily whispered to me that santa's beard was real! wink wink! too cute) and now we are back home in the smokey air and heat, trying to get ready for the new school year to kick in. hoping i can get my work life in order, cross your fingers for me, lots of drama but hoping to work it all out.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy labor day!!

after a 52 hour work week... i am ready for a break! see you next week!