Sunday, September 12, 2010

autumn in the air

so this summer was odd indeed... i never thought i would complain we didnt have enough hot weather, never ever! my biggest fear is we will get a scorching october to christmas, i remember getting new warm clothes that i couldn't wear until january or february because of the "indian summers" in december. anyways, we'll take it as it comes. 
the weather has been great up at the cabin, warm and breezy. i actually read a bit in our hammock for once, it was so nice out on the deck.




and lots of movie watching. something about the altitude puts us all in a stupor. not sure if i could live here year round, i fear i would never get out of bed!
coming up on the calendar is a wetlands fundraiser (i am hosting the arts and crafts table), camp fire meetings start and we are off to england for about 12 days with my mom. we will be staying in the "isle of wight" for a week, i will post lots of pictures. this will be my first time there, so excited!