Tuesday, May 31, 2011

new pets

for a year the girls have been asking for a pet rat and i have been putting it off and putting it off. honestly, i struggle so hard to keep up with the housework and over the years my standard of cleanliness has drastically dropped to almost disgusting at times. i just can't work full time and run two camp fire groups and keep a spotless house as well, just can't do it. not to mention i am sick of house cleaning, not rewarding when five minutes after the house is clean someone messes it up again... anyways! the thought of rats and all that comes with them made me cringe. i love animals and pets are important but the MESS! ugh! so finally i agreed that if the girls showed me some real effort in keeping their rooms clean and to help with other chores to lesson the work i have to do, i would THINK about it. i was surprised that for months on end, the "we might get a rat if you keep your room clean" actually worked...


proud mamas to "cupcake" and "lily"

Monday, May 30, 2011

catch up, round 2

lots of camp fire meetings going on... Photo-18

rootbeer making with the little guys Photo-27
salsa making with the big girls Photo-24
love this shot, emily's hat is so fun Photo-26
concerts and open house visits Photo-17
lots of rush rush to work to camp fire meetings to school activities... luckily i have had some time to go to the gym (in love with the aquafit class, amazing!) and looking forward to putting up our pool and taking bike rides down to the beach. the weather is finally warming up and summer is fast approaching. life is racing past...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

catch up, round 1

so what's it like not having the internet for a week? well weird at first and then you get used to it and then when it comes back on you realize you need to get caught up... so that's what i shall do... Photo-2

the biggest wetlands clean up EVER!! we have come a long way in restoring this beautiful place Photo-8

we surprised a killdeer on its nest and had heard some serious complaining as we walked by as careful as we could... hoping we wouldn't squash it's eggs and can you believe we didn't? look at these eggs!! (yes that's it's nest in the middle of the road) Photo-11

what is really cool about having camp fire kids out at the wetlands is that it was my DREAM to merge my two favorite nonprofit groups together so that each helps the other. camp fire usa (and organizations like it) are struggling to survive, people feel its too expensive to have their kids in a program that requires commitment year after year (actually camp fire is super cheap for what you get) or any kind of commitment seems overwhelming and of course, the wetlands are off the radar so few people are aware of the life and death struggle going on between the fragile soil/plants/animals and urban development. camp fire kids + los cerritos wetlands = friends forever.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

actual arches

here are few more photos from our trip that show some of the amazing arches you see at "arches national park" emily and i took a solo hike together and enjoyed trying to stay on the trail and the wide open space, the desert is so massive it feels like an ocean when you get deep into it.



katie, chris and liz take a break


free range kids





skyline arch at our campground


one of the arches emily and i found on our solo hike



even in the rain, we pressed on to see the sand dune arch


then crossed back over our desert "ocean" to get back to camp



someone had placed stacks of rocks along this entire trail and several times it really helped us out of a jam. emily put tiny rocks on top and/or fixed stacks that had fallen over along the way


so glad we took the plunge to hike this together, 2 hours of up and down and round and round, searching for the trail and finding the hidden arches was just what i needed on this trip!