Monday, May 21, 2012

grand council fire and spring camp out


a whirlwind of events right now, spring camp out (where families camp together at our local day camp) IMG_0713
emily finished her sixth year of camp fire, wow! IMG_0760
my goofy middle schoolers, such fun! IMG_0798

i never tire of seeing my girls up there singing... the camp fire law this time IMG_0822
love all the tents, watching the sun go down in the middle of the city... IMG_0918
lizzie flys up to adventure level (and will attend grand council fire next year... no more winging ceremony which is just for kids in k through 2nd grade) IMG_0926

lizzie liked when i pointed her out during my little speech IMG_0930



we are just weeks away from our trip to italy...been really addicted to this site and daydream of visiting all the places she writes about. ciao for now!

Monday, May 7, 2012

fast forward

man, i have had such bad luck with computers lately! really, i spent at least 8 hours this past week making slide show dvds for my camp fire kids and at the last second of burning the discs had an error message i couldnt fix. back to square one. then i just typed up a heartfelt meaningul post here only to have my "new" computer lose it in all it's flashiness. good grief! i am out of time so instead of the post about how my trip is hurtling itself at me along with end of school events, lots of work, tons of camp fire bustle, i can only post a few photos of the kids playing with maggie (who is getting a lot more attention these days!)



oops ball stuck in the tree! no problem with the avocado picker at hand Photo-12

i better sign off before something else happens!