Saturday, August 28, 2010

i heart travel

my newest obsession is this travel blog, i have spent an hour or more on it and am going crazy with travel lust. oh to have the funds for some of these vacations! i especially like the italian villas on the coast, this site keeps me busy for hours.
 the style of these pointy topped houses is called "trulli" and is from the puglia region of italy (the heel of the boot). there are houses along the coast made of mostly rock (small rocks too, how do they do that?) unfortunately i can't post the pics from this site, but i will put a few on with links so you can see what i mean!!

one of my favorites: here


Thursday, August 26, 2010

new dog 101

so life around here has been all about less less less... evenings off, no meetings and no obligations other than picking tomatoes and watering... and pulling weeds (work of course but...i am talking evenings). OH and lots of dog walking, trying hard to get maggie to walk on the leash better. my goal is to run with her but so far if you start running, she starts freaking out... so its walking for now. 




my garden is overflowing with tomatoes so i asked my buddy jen if i could steam her kitchen up to 100 (or more) degrees and can some of them. lucky me she said yes!!


and of course chuy kept the girls occupied!


thank you jen for the dozen jars of salsa and i was so inspired i came home and made the best strawberry jam and a few jars of tomato sauce (bringing my own kitchen up to 100 degrees) but man, how good it feels to save some of summers bounty!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

survived camp shiwaka

spent the weekend recovering at camp gvl...


lost another tree to the bark beetle...


this tree hugger is bummed at the loss...


but we carry on.
loving this artist and this at the moment (special note, the marcy playground is of amazing importance because i LOVED their breakthrough album and thought they were a one hit wonder. oh was i wrong!! all their albums are insanely good... just like the dandy warhols are so yummy... check them out and enjoy!)

Monday, August 9, 2010