Tuesday, January 24, 2012


so this year i have the usual resolutions... keep hitting the gym (love my aquafit class!!) try to lose weight (always) and start painting again. for some reason i have had some kind of "block" keeping me from painting even though i love it and think about it all the time. actually doing it just seems so hard...


i hauled all my stuff up to the cabin a few months back and then ignored it for the three days i was there sooo... i hauled it back home and it has sat waiting for me to dig out and DO SOMETHING!! i have read books on creativity and i guess it's just a fragile thing for me, not really doing creative stuff but attempting to paint is a struggle. i learned to paint from my dad after several horrible art classes in college and he was just positive and happy to hang out so i loved it. i had one plein air workshop that was amazing and i painted the two best paintings of my life there. when i took it the next year i struggled (while we thought our cabin was burning down) the entire week and actually walked out during my critique at the end. i just couldn't take the criticism which i KNOW is not meant to be personal but it just floored me. i think it's because i really don't know what i am doing and don't completely understand the "how to's" of painting in a formal way. i am just playing around and if something is not the right tone or value or ??? i have no clue. i just know that "something is wrong" or "something is right" and thats about it. anyways! i am so happy i just jumped in today and knocked this little painting out:


i went back to my basics, back to how my dad and i painted and just copied something i liked, using it as a reference and tweaking it as i went along. i really liked how it turned out, especially since my brushes are pretty wonky and i wasn't using the right palette to mix paints. i bought water based oil paint and it was wonderful! hardly any smell and everything cleaned up great. hoping i can continue chipping my way back to a regular painting schedule!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

candy sales once again

so this year candy sales has begun and unlike other years, the first weekend was bad bad bad... i am sure the economy has something to do with it. whether people just dont have the money or because so many organizations are struggling, everyone is being nickeled and dimed to death. i know we are as a family, fundraising for the schools foundation, cheer and band as well as just coming off christmas, when will it all end? it's a real bummer though to sit for hours and hours watching dozens after dozens of people walk by saying, "no thank you" one after the other. 


so we try and keep our spirits up with lizzie and her giveaway drawings...


emily kept "fake answering" the pay phone near her...


and when the silliness takes over...


just go with it!! let's hope we get through this month without too much anti camp fire crap from the girl scouts (already have had some which unnerves me to no end) and have a great sale to keep the lights on at our local council.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spinning wheels, 2012

so i just got renewed for another year here on typepad, automatically and for some reason i was annoyed that i hadn't had a chance to decide whether i would continue with this blog or not. funny, you don't give something much attention but then you can't give it up either... my goal for this space originally was to post mostly about being a camp fire leader and it has surely morphed into many other things. travel journal, kids growing up journal, save the wetlands outlet...still very superficial really. facebook and now pinterest have overshadowed much of my blogging (twitter not so much), it is so quick and easy and interesting. i have found most of the blogs i read to be either really boring (lots of deep thought and thinking, which i did a lot of as a teenager and young adult: DONE!) or really annoying (whining about kids non stop and having baby after baby after baby: DONE) or all about food and cooking (YUM!). maybe a travel blog or "normal" parenting blog or two and thats it. 


Soooo.... since i must continue on i will dig just a tiny bit deeper today and post what is actually happening this morning and my thoughts on it:


because it reflects what is going on at this moment, right now... coffee grounds on the way to my new composter (all i wanted for christmas this year and santa brought it!!), "yellow" limes from the dwarf tree that finally produced fruit (i have been torn up about the loss of our lemon tree for like 5 years now and struggling to replace it), cork from the italian wine my husband got for me to try last night (from the region of italy we will be visiting in june...more to come on that), large jar i will fill with the organic farro i custom ordered from an organic farm in oregon that has been amazing! (this recipe rocks!), our avocados are finally ripening and this is a record year for tastiness, a nice flower someone placed in a jar (camellia) and a monster sized bisquick left over from camping to make pancakes for our sleepover guest this morning... last day of vacation for the girls and i have to work so a special breakfast is in order. i am thinking i might even elaborate on my job more in this space since it has become such an enormous part of my life (emotionally) lately, but we'll see. it's pretty heavy stuff. and now its time my morning ritual of coffee in the jacuzzi!
Happy New Year!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

gvl movie time

one thing i really look forward to is time spent at the cabin watching old and really bad movies. this year we watched the documentary about the worst movie ever made and were so inspired, we watched the actual "bad movie" called "troll 2"... 


if you plan on watching troll 2, you must watch the documentary first because it is soooooo bad the only way to stomach it is to know that back story. it is a major 80's flashback too, egad!
Happy New Years!!