Tuesday, September 25, 2012


so my newest obsession is ancestry.com and i do mean OBSESSION! we recently started cleaning out my grandpa's house and i hit the motherload of photos, letters, postcards and genealogy notes my grandfather and other family members took over the years. it is just a mind blow how much there is to go through. i have pretty much spent every spare minute scanning photos in and putting people into our tree. if you have never checked out ancestry.com, i highly recommend it. even for just one side (i have barely started my mom's side and already have found people i had no idea about) the site makes it very easy to track people down with very little info but be warned! it is the funnest treasure hunt type experience you will ever have!

Italy 1968341

italy in the 60's (florence)
Jun 60 36190

wilson group shot at my grandpa's house

John miller668

my grandpa's uncle

Jun 74 wilson d and c172

my brother and i in the 70's

Rosalie album456

my grandmother's photo album... here she is goofing on herself (virginia, my grandpa's younger sister is the other girl here)

Rosalie orizaba091

my grandma at a house that is still around (yay google maps) and a short drive away from here. on the to do list to get a photo of that!! i still have more italy photos to share... someday!