Thursday, March 18, 2010

kinder love

some camp fire kinder group photos:Campfire art02

Campfire art05

Campfire art11

Campfire art37

Campfire art29

Campfire art14

Campfire art21

poor lizzie had an ear infection the night of this event, a national art contest, but most of my kinder group attended and had a great time! this kinder group is really coming along, even with a bumpy start.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

enjoying being 10

ok, so wearing the 3d glasses with the lenses punched out is the new trend, in case you didn't know... (the kids are even wearing these at school!)


loving my girl and all the growing up that's going on around here (shhhh....
oh and my new favorite band. please check them out! i am so happy to find something new to listen to!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 years ago

I didn't know how annoying (and fantastic) hearing "mom, mom, mama!" was.

I didn't know how to diaper (or hold for that matter) a baby.

I was scared to death of breastfeeding...

I thought i knew EVERYTHING about parenting (i worked for 5 years in a psych hospital on the children's unit teaching behavior modification to parents while studying for my psych degree)

I thought i would only have one child.

I was thoroughly enjoying the roller coaster science project of being pregnant AND...

I met the most amazing creature who finally put me "in the club" that i wasn't sure i wanted to join: parenting or more specifically: motherhood




i guess this is the new "look" for the season (outfit was a gift from our glamorous neighbor)... we had a great time seeing alice in wonderland in 3d, WOW! i really loved the movie and i highly recommend going to a movie as an easy birthday party option. a bit pricey but as easy as it gets!
happy birthday emily! a decade of love! thank you!