Tuesday, January 15, 2013

mish mash

i am still struggling to get decent interesting posts up regularly here... i find i take the coolest photos on my phone and then i post the most god awful crappy ones here on the blog. here goes with a few favorites from a recent phone download...



lots of cloud photos to inspire me to get back to painting




new car love


kitty love




embracing tweendom


miss maggie


getting the backyard in shape for some major plant redo and finding a way to paint again in my own personal outside studio


black bamboo... best choice ever


fathers and daughters... love! gotta get to school, working on our garden club...it's coming along s l o w l y... cheers!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

whirlwind new year

For the first time in a long time, i didnt take on extra work over the holidays and just hung out and took it slow...

spent time up at the cabin, didn't spend every minute trying to clean up and fix this or that, just hung out


gazing at snowflakes


watching the snow fall and pondering this past year. 2012 was a year i carefully created and with intent to accomplish many personal goals. it was important financially (no more child support and a refinanced house) so we weren't struggling to make ends meet the way the past few years have been. i took some risks to put the italy trip together and it came off without a hitch, truly a trip of a lifetime on so many levels. i worked less and checked more things off the "to do" list. i made it to the gym more regularly and could feel the benefit of regular exercise for the first time in many years (still have a long way to go on that but it's a start). i cut back on all my volunteering and put more energy into my family. i finally took the plunge and bought a new car, something a little reckless that has energized me in ways i haven't felt in years. i studied and passed the first of a two part test i need to be credentialed in a new specialty for my career. something i had put off since i was pregnant with emily, 13 years ago!

i find myself thinking about how every morning my mom would ask me as a kid, "what's on your agenda today? what are your plans? what are you looking forward to?" and i remember no matter what i had going on, i would think about the one or two good things i had to look forward to. something fun was on the horizon even if there was school or work or whatever too, there was a tv show i had waited all week for or dinner at my grandparents or a letter coming in the mail from a friend or a new book to read. i have always been a hard worker but my secret is to have a focus, something amazing to distract me while i muscle through the hard stuff. so for 2013? well, we'll just have to see!