Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the big 40

happy birthday chris!



a little hazy blurry but a great early dinner and sunset watching on signal hill


Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas 2011

whoa, i am really absent here lately! i had a run of extra work so i have been super busy and tired. finally have a few days off to catch up on everything...


this year i had portraits of both girls made by alice du bois (three different ones so i could keep one and give the other two to the grandparents) we also had my parents dog painted (*unfortunately he became ill over thanksgiving and had to be put to sleep, so sad!*) and our dog maggie as well. it was such a fun process to find photos of the girls to have painted and then interacting with alice as she worked on and completed each painting. it was always a thrill to open up the package with the painting all finished. i highly recommend getting portraits done of your pets and kids and whomever because it is such a unique way to capture a moment in time. i never tire of looking at the first portrait i had done of the girls. you can see the three portraits here and archie as well.


maggie got her annual bone and the girls got dolls, dolls and more dolls (including a justin bieber doll!!)