Saturday, August 11, 2012

brodsky contest

so before we left, our orthodontist told us about a photo contest to win an ipad: the girls have to wear their "brodsky" shirt in 2 out of 3 photos of 1: vacation 2: beach and 3: disneyland (luckily they include downtown disney which is a shopping area next to disneyland that is free, disneyland is beyond crowded in the summer so we avoid it like the plague) going through all the photos i found it neat to see all the places we thought would be good for the contest


gelato in rome (the best!) Photo-1
coliseum Photo-4
pompeii Photo-9
top of mount vesuvius Photo-13

looking into the crater at mount vesuvius Photo-2

st angelo (castel) in rome


mini coliseum in pompeii
As you can probably tell from all the sweat in these photos, it was HOT !!! time to send them off and see who wins. :)